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Happy Tuesday!

Bananas Hatching


Can you see that? Evan called it a “rainbow puddle” out over the ocean. It was raining out there, over the water, but sunny at the house. And yet, the rainbow didn’t quite have enough lift to get up off of the water. It was just beautiful.

Guacamole Anyone?

Good Morning, Gecko!

I woke up to find this little guy on my kitchen window, silhouetted in the breaking dawn.

Music in Pahala

Following the music workshop, there is always a community concert. We made the two hour drive (this is a BIG island) to pick Brad up and spent the day enjoying great music and reconnecting with friends.

Love of Learning

Brad is away this week at a Hawaiian music workshop for which he was granted a scholarship. He doesn’t much like to talk on the phone, and getting details from him can be painful. We’ve been before as a family, so I know the kind of experience he’s having – hands-on learning with access to some of Hawai‘i’s wonderful musicians. I discovered yesterday that he finagled someone’s computer so he could put a post up on his website (but no email to me, alas). Here’s what he wrote:

I am posting from Keoki Kahumoku’s music workshop in Pahala, HI. I am having a great time. So far I’ve picked up some new vamps and tips from Uncle Sonny Lim, insights from Uncle Herb Ohta Jr., and a finger boot camp from Uncle Moses – opening a coconut by hand and finger exercises. This morning we chanted the sun up at Punalu’u beach. Every night we’ve been singing Hawaiian choir with Auntie Darci Baker; it’s been so much fun – she makes it easy for us to sing well.

Can you just feel the joy in learning oozing from him?


Well, not really. But it seems like it. We’ve had very rainy, windy weather since landing in our long-term rental. Hasn’t kept some of us from heading outside, though!


Finally, a Home

We landed in our long-term rental last Monday. And just last night got our Internet hooked up. It’s been a crazy month or more of house hopping. I cannot tell you how lovely it is to be here. With our own stuff. And our own beds. I am quite sure after these weeks that I could never (ever!) be a hobo.

Let me just recap our last month, in photos:

First, we stayed for 3 nights with friends in Kohala:

Then we packed our suitcases and headed to Kona:

Where we read lots of books:

While we were there, Evan had shave ice (and eventually a hair cut!):


Music Session

The other night we went to a great event. Part of the ‘Ukulele and Slack Key Guitar Institute, the kani ka pila is a jam session that brings together the artists who will be teaching at the institute. The public is invited to watch the session. And players? Why they’re invited to come up on stage and play with these musicians. Of course, the professionals are plugged in, while the amateurs are not.

The lineup is a veritable who’s who of Hawai‘i’s musicians. This particular song was led by Jake Shimabukuro; you’ll see him in the center. And you’ll see him taking much time with the two young boys seated next to him. It was so wonderful to watch the way he helped those boys – and I’m sure it was a thrill for them. Jake is big here – and if you’re a Jimmy Buffet fan, you might even know of him, as he joins Jimmy in concert on occasion.

This is He Aloha No O Honolulu, from almost the beginning – via my small camera.


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