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Book Recommendations Needed! | Paradise Found

Book Recommendations Needed!

We’ve just finished the first disc of the John Adams HBO series and it is, let me tell you, fabulous. We are anxiously awaiting the next disc via our library.

Meanwhile, both of the boys have expressed an interest in reading more about this period in our nation’s history (because, you know – they can choose what they want to read!). Which brings me to you wonderful folks. Please recommend your favorite historical fiction novels set in the time leading up to and during the Revolutionary War. Young adult novels are good, and Brad might even be interested in adult titles.

I’m recommending that they pick up and read Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read it several months ago and it’s GOOD. But beyond that, I’d love to hear YOUR ideas!


  1. by Meg, on August 31 2009 @ 3:48 am


    Let me start by saying that I HATE war books. That said, I read Shaara’s Civil War books for a reading group that I was part of and LOVED them. I haven’t read his Am. Revolution books, but if they are anything like the others, they will be great – Rise to Rebellion and Glorious Cause.

    What he does is pick out soldiers from both sides and follow them through from the start of tension and into battle. It’s a great way to see what motivated them.

    Recently I read a biography of Martha Washington (check my book list for the author) that was a great view into the culture of the time.

  2. by debra, on August 31 2009 @ 3:43 pm


    We also loved that series—-and a whole bunch of Ken Burns’ as well. Johnny Tremain was a favorite of both girls, and the History of US (pieces, parts). Also People’s History of the US, and Don’t know Much about History (pieces parts).

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