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On Reading | Paradise Found

On Reading

[Hey! Look! An actual post. About homeschooling, even!]

Yeah, well. Kind of. But mostly it’s going to be a link over to another post that I think some of you may find useful. Miranda addresses the issue of teaching kids to read – or not – over at Nurtured by Love.

My eldest was very much like her kids in the reading department. Always with a book.  Reading avidly and always, from the time he was around four. It just happened.

My youngest? He was slow to read. He like to listen to stories, but reading and putting the letters together to form words was hard for him.  Something about the visuals (for math, too!) just made him freeze up. And yet, now? Always with a book.  Reading avidly and always. It just took him until about the age of eight or nine to get there.

If you’re concerned at all about your child’s reading skills, go read what Miranda has to say!

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  1. by M, on February 5 2009 @ 2:07 am


    Great post! Thanks for the link.

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