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Counting Down to the Vote | Paradise Found

Counting Down to the Vote

Anyone else feel like their life is on hold until this election is over? I keep catching myself holding my breath as if I can control what happens between now and tomorrow.

I can say that this election has served as a great education for my kids. We’ve discussed equal rights, racism, honesty, taxes, electoral votes, optimism, the separation of church and state, the legislative process, Roe v. Wade….the list goes on. I’ve even had the chance to set the example of becoming involved in an election – something I’ve never felt compelled to do before. Not only have I made monetary contributions, but I spent part of yesterday phone banking for Barack Obama. I was nervous, but mostly, people were very nice. I think I will do more calling today.

Heartwarming moment: my kids arguing over who got to post the “No on 8” sign in our yard. I am raising tolerant kids! Yay!

Of note: Check out the roundup of Blog the Vote at Chasing Ray.

Random thought: I cannot believe that there are still people who are undecided! Are they just saying that, or are they truly undecided?

This is an historic election. Historic. Regardless of how you plan to vote, I implore you to get out and do so. It’s our duty to participate in this democracy.  I mean really? Can you imagine NOT voting in this election and having to explain that to your grandchildren someday? Let your voice be heard.


  1. by Meg, on November 3 2008 @ 12:21 pm


    I am also sooo ready for tomorrow to be over.

    It’s Boy’s first chance to vote and talk about jumping in with both feet.

  2. by Meg, on November 3 2008 @ 12:26 pm


    oh, wow! That blogging the vote is neat! and I posted today as well.

  3. by Heather @ CamianAcademy, on November 3 2008 @ 2:45 pm


    It’ll be nice for this election to be over. I look forward to getting out and voting tomorrow evening. I just hope we get an ANSWER tomorrow/Wednesday and it doesn’t drag on. We definitely don’t need that to happen again.

  4. by Ruth in NC, on November 4 2008 @ 1:51 am


    For the first time in many elections, NC is a swing state and it has been exciting. We have seen Obama LIVE. And Biden.

    My teens have canvased, made phone calls and one of them cast his first vote.

    I have not had the nerve to do phone canvasing but I registered voters on the street and went door to door canvasing for a senatorial candidate. We are trying to get rid of Elizabeth Dole.

    Today we are taking folks to the polls and tonight I hope to color our electoral map blue. Please, please.

  5. by Sheila, on November 4 2008 @ 6:21 pm


    It’s interesting: every American blogger I read seems on tenterhooks about the outcome, while every Canadian I talk to IRL seems to think it’s a foregone conclusion Obama will win. I will be absolutely gobsmacked if McCain wins. I’m not saying that because I love Obama (I don’t); I’m saying it because it seems inconceivable that he won’t win. Well, that and the horror that the VP might be a certain someone from Alaska…

  6. by Mama, on November 5 2008 @ 2:52 pm


    I was disappointed by the outcome of Proposition 8. I wasn’t surprised when the same thing happened here in Virginia a few years ago. Saddened but not surprised. But I expected better from California. *LOL!*

    I was a little puzzled by the undecided voters and nonvoters too. I also get a laugh out of the campaigners standing outside the polls (as close as regulations allow). Seriously … I just got out of my car to vote. Don’t you think I’ve already decided by NOW?

  7. by Deborah, on November 5 2008 @ 5:45 pm


    Ack! My dh and I didn’t get to vote! We didn’t vote early because we wanted to do it on the “traditional” voting day, but because of a medical emergency, we spent election day 170 miles from our precinct. Sigh. But our votes would have been purely symbolic, anyway, because we live in one of the reddest of the red states. The consolation prize is that I and two of our kids had junketed to the blue state that shares our northern border last week to “get out the vote”, so that we would feel like we’d made SOME contribution to the selection of our next president. Down with the electoral college!

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